~Now Open~

Disclaimer: Paper and ROBLOXIAN morphs are allowed here, so no need to worry about being banned like the other places. The game is optimized so that lower graphic settings still look nice without the rays, blur, bloom effects.

Credit to TwentyTwoPilots for the weather system which can be found here

~Note: This is was made to give those "paper Anime role-players" a better place to just do their role-playing but, over time though, if this game generates enough of a crowd and I get a overall feel on whose coming here, better gameplay will be added and a better map will be implemented.~

If you decide to read this description which will only be the 3% of you, a nice little tidbit to know for the readers is that Anim-Venture's name came from combining anime and adventure together to turn it into an original weeaboo name that took no creativity.

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