Find items in the dungeon to give you temporary boosts.
In order to reach the next town, you must first defeat the one before it. 
Quests are available in-game via the Quest Board to help you progress faster.
Elevators are unlocked when you reach the next theme (about 5 floors) of each dungeon. 

Banking gold or beating the dungeon boss is the only way to bring gold back to the town!

Players are able to progress by leveling up their skills in the towns and upgrading their stats with the Blacksmith, and the Wizard.

Dive into the dungeons with your friends, or go alone! Dungeons increase in difficulty dependant on how many members you have in your party. 

Developed by Snakeworl (Scripter), HorrorTM (Builder/Modeler), Ragoozer (Scripter)


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