This is the first and original 2player tycoon.



Pre-Updated 2Player Company Tycoon:

2Player Company Tycoon Beta:

Finally updated from around 3yrs ago.
-Severs will say what version it is by spawns
-Fixing bugs
-Workers can now buy floors
-Elevators fixed V3.6(New elevators)

To donate, click the donate tool then press the following letter to donate the amount;
Z = 10####
X = #0#####
C = 100000

Say 'cleanup' to clear all the jammed bricks.

The boss is the only one who can buy the stuff in the back and collect money.
The worker basicaly presses the button to drop the brick and ect.
If the boss leaves the whole thing regens but if you teh worker leaves it doesn


There are currently no running experiences.