Welcome To the Pizza Tycoon! In this game you own a pizza place, There is over 40 things to buy! Including Retro pictures, A pizza kitchen and a cool Statue! Be sure to give the game a thumbs up because it really helps.
Also be sure to check the Gamepasses out as they can contain some useful stuff!!!
Due to the fact that Roblox has a glitch of when you buy a game pass in a game and when you click it again and it say "You already own this, your account has not been charge!" is glitched to your screen meaning, it will stay on your screen until you leave the game and rejoin a new server! Also, if you bought a money gamepass rejoin the game until you have the money gamepass in the server your in because of glitches!! Got any music request? If so pm Zequew and let him know! :D
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