WARNING: This game is extremely difficult and contains lots of flashing text/lights.

It's strongly recommended that you play this on higher-end PC's and on a stable internet connection.

Prepare to dive underground, The Quarry is back!

Journey down into the unknown and discover exotic ores and minerals. Make a profit to support yourself while going deeper. Interact with an advanced alien civilization from another galaxy. Command your own Neutron Star to aid your acquaintances. With over 45 ores to discover, your journey will never stop. But be careful, this is a changed world. This planet has many unforgiving consequences that many have suffered, you're not the only one.

[This game is now under legacy status, there will be bugs. Thank you for playing!]

Music by melodysheep.
Game thumbnails #1 & #3 by NorthEternal & #2 by bereghostisboss14589

Created by The Quarry Staff


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