ENTRENCHED is a game loosely based on World War I. The Entente Powers and the Central Powers face off in turn based attack and defense, you must coordinate with your team in the trenches to achieve victory!

The British are coming soon! (~1 week estimate)

🛠️ ALPHA a0.48.1
📋 Changelog a0.48.1
- Added some cover near spawns on maps
- Map vote time 60s -> 40s
- CSRG aim no longer tilted
- Snowy theme removed
📋 Changelog a0.48
- Second Battle of the Aisne 1917 (Conquest)
- Chat changes (Group chat tags, Typing sound, Gamepass Gold Text)
- Capture point progress bars
- Option to turn HUD off
- Map selection shows what nations are involved even though there is only France and Germany
- Made team colors brighter (Easier to read team chat)
- Fixed Entente spawn at Verdun E1
- No toolbar and no chat bug should be fixed, but not confirmed
- Map selection bug should be fixed, but not confirmed

Supports PC 🖥️, Xbox 🎮 and Mobile 📱
Tags: Warfare, Great War, WW1

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