🎃🎃🎃💪🏻 Welcome to Lifting Simulator! 💪🏻🎃🎃🎃

👻 Limited **Halloween Transformations** Are Now Available To Be Purchased!
🔥 X2 Muscle Gain Event!
🏆 Compete For A Spot On The Wealthy Halloween Leaderboard To Win Exclusive Halloween Transfomations!

📙 UPDATE LOG {V 9.5} 📙
- ⭐️ 6 New Body Altering Stages, 18 New Weights, 6 New Genes, 8 New Bloodlines & 8 New Monsters! ⭐️

🔥 Lift Weights To Become Bigger & Stronger!
👑 Sell Your Muscle For Coins And Become Richer!
✨ Buy Better Weights & Genes To Upgrade Your Body!
⚡️ Alter Your Body And Turn Into A Superhuman!
🐲 Kill The Gods, Steal Their Bloodline & Become The Gods Themselves!
🔱 Inherited The Most Powerful God Race. Be It Angels Or Demons!
⚔️ Dethrone Other Champions From The Leaderboards!
🏆 Train To Become The Strongest And Sit On The Throne!

[ By Thai Devs Team 😊 ]

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