Devil Fruits In: 
 Gravity, Sticky, Cube, Buddha, Hot, Noro, Mero

Reduced most sources of lags, some devil fruits also got minor tweaks in damage and graphics, new ship, datastores besides haki should be fine now. Working on more polishes till we add more content

Developers- TheBabeAbe, Dabiomaru, InfernalAkainu, Dukeenzos, Otoroshi, RNApoint, DeadstarJumbuu, Ultymus, EricFriedMen, Nikkulai, OS_Tayo, ByteZx, DogeFriend2, unseenbloxxer, Declusion, Fr0stGaming7, MrPandaBoi, TheDarkArtz, Incontrovercial and Radivus. (Thank you to all these wonderful developers to contributing to opd)

Alpha Features-- Guns, Swords, Temples, Legendary Weapons, Ship System, Poneglyphs, Detailed Islands to explore

Alpha Gamepasses In- Devil fruit book and Aura sensor, All other gamepasses will see a beta release since we held off most content till beta.


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