🧊🔥 Competitive Tag Game 🏃‍♂️⚠️🏃 
- Play and explore fun exciting maps- great for parkour 🔥💥💥
- Tag and thaw other people depending on your team 💎🏆
- Collect and open crates to unlock cool items, earn Cash and EXP for tagging and thawing 🛒🏅

- Chose from a variety of upgradeable power-up boosts ⚡️
- Explore and find hidden areas to hide in 🧠
- Test your teamwork skills with 'Infection' Round 🎮

- Survive from taggers by thawing other people as much as you can 🏆
- Collect badges from gameplay achievements 🎯
- FREE 'Private Servers' and Group-only benefits!

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