Newest Update:
- Christmas Badge has officially ended!
- Volcano Changes: More Cover & More Paths To Flag.
- NEW MAP: Volcano!
- NEW Christmas-Themed Maps!
- NEW Christmas Lobby
- NEW Mall Expansion
- Minor Underpass Changes
- More Coming Soon, Stay Tuned!
Thanks for 20,000 Visits! 🎉
Previous Update:
- NEW Thumbnail!
- NEW Map: Houses! This map has an interactive feature and is the most detailed map in CTF History.
- NEW Game Modes! Game modes spawn every four rounds and there are currently only two: Shootout & Sword Fight. More will come as updates roll out.
- NEW Lobby Extension & Voting For Game Modes
- Season 5 Champions & Finalists Added To Finalist Hall & Underpass.

BIG Thanks to Sirvicky & TinfuII & llamaccheeni for helping out with the Update!
TinfuII helped build the maps with me while SirVicky scripted and put so much effort in to make this amazing :)
Thanks to Llamaccheeni for making the Yolk Egg Texture!

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