⚔ Welcome to Aincrad Online ⚔
This game is based off of Sword Art Online with original writings by 
"Reki Kawahara"
and additional publications by
"Bandai Namco"
Thank you for providing to the world your wonderful amazing creation blooming with heart filled moments and real adventure to your readers, your viewers, your audience
With love, Team Aincrad
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This game is a LARGE WORK IN PROGRESS be sure to join our communities to see where we're at, come support!
[ Bv.0.1.5 ] [Season 1 Controls]
W, A, S, D + Double - "Dash"
Space/Double - "Jump"
R - "Quick Attack"
Z - "Heavy Attack"
C - N/A
Q - "Equip/Unequip Sword"
Ctrl - "Run"

Tags - Adventure - Sword - Fantasy

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