UPDATE 1 of PLAYTALE IS OUT! Version 1.1.9!
- TOY SCANNER -> Scan toys to see name, level, and rarity.

💢 Have the adventure of a lifetime, capture new Roblox Toys, train them in battles and improve their powers, become the ultimate Roblox Toy Trainer, and make new friends (and enemies) along the way! 💢 

💯💣 Welcome to Playtale! Explore the vast world of Turtleback Island, discover and capture new Roblox Toys, and train them to be the very best. Playtale is an all-new Roblox battle game, and the premier Roblox Toys-To-Life experience! You can even redeem your real-world Roblox toys to fight for you in game!

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Builder_Boy: @YouFoundSam_RBX
Explod_e: @KyleRBX
memorycode: @MemoryRL_ 
Trailer by: Kirbygreen4

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