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🌴 Welcome to The Adventure Games!  🌴 

You as an Adventurer will be competing in an event known from all across the world as the Adventure games! A total of 20 players are to be selected and split into 2 teams, both of which are expected to go head to head in completing challenges to earn rewards. After challenges teams are to vote out players they consider to be the weakest within the team. Last player remaining wins.

🛑 Game still under development 🛑

💎 Premium Benefits 💎
- Free bundle containing a banner, backpack and particle

📜 The Team 📜 
Duicen - Lead Director, Scripter
DevForHire - Assistant Director, Lead Builder

Creacoz - Development Manager, Lead UI Artist
SynthetickDev - Lead Scripter, Modeller
Penguin70363 - Builder, Modeller
MidnightRaider21 - Animator
Exocite -  Music Composer
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