It's time to build a new life as a farmer.

👨‍🌾 Grow Crops
🐔 Raise Animals
🐟 Catch Fish
🌲 Cut Trees

-- Patch 4 Notes --
Patch 4 introduces new the Pirate furniture set, quality of life changes, a new crop and more. 

Full patch notes:
+ Pirate furniture set (7 pieces)
+ Upgrading your house gives you a larger house model on your plot
+ Chili crop
+ Inventory and store hotkeys for PC
+ New furniture box icons
+ Scenic connected screen
~ Reduce premium furniture box to 139 Robux
~ Tweak daily furniture purchase flow to prevent accidental purchases
~ Auto harvester now works on Xbox
~ Fix an issue with gold sprinkler placement
~ Exiting a house now teleports you to the correct plot 

Farm Life is new and evolving quickly. Please leave feedback in our Community Server below.


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