Welcome to The Slayer 🔪, this game is a round-based horror game 💀. Every round, your role will be chosen 📜, and you will have to solve/find out who the slayer is and take him down 🔫!

The players with the innocent role will have to detect the slayer and collect gun parts 🛠️ to receive a revolver. The player with the sheriff role will have a revolver 🔫 and have to work with the innocents in order to detect the slayer. Do not shoot the wrong player, or you will die yourself 💣! The objective of the slayer is to secretly murderer everyone 😈 and do not get caught/shot by the innocents/sheriff ☠️.

The objective of the game is to solve every round 🕵️ or kill everyone as the slayer 😵. In the game, you are also able to purchase cosmetic items ✨ or collect them in the season by playing rounds 📅.

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