House colour scheme saves when changing houses now!

🔥 Type Furniture! in chat for a free gift! 🔥 
🔥 Type Welcome! in chat for a free gift! 🔥 

Sorry for the buggy launch! I understand that there were multiple game-breaking or annoying bugs for the first few days of the game and so rightfully many dislikes were given. They are all patched now but please let me know if you find any more!

🔥 Join the group 'Beo Games Studios' to get an extra $50 every payday! Click the button above 'Play' to see the group! 🔥

🌴 This game is brand new. There are likely still glitches than need fixing!🌴

🙂 This game is compatible with console, mobile and tablet devices! 🙂

Update Log & Plans for the Future:

This game is the sequel of Island Life:

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