A Modded Sandbox JoJo game. And that's pretty much it.

Discard Code: Scroll down (under description)

If you have the Custom Stand gamepass, DM a developer on Dsiscrd.

On the Dsiscrd server there's more information on the gamepasses.

Shutdown = Update

If a server is frozen or someone is spamming time stop type "!cancelts" in the chat.
^ dont spam the command

Important: To give yourself a stand type "!stand [standname]" in chat. There is a stand list ingame and on Dsiscrd.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is made by Hirohiko Araki

M - Open/Close Menu.

----Stand/Specs Controls---
Q - Summon Stand
E - First Skill
R - Second Skill
T - Third Skill
===REQUIEM Skills ===
Y - Special Skill 1
F - Special Skill 2

jojo JOJO jojo jojo bizarre adventure


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