- New Challenges feature. You will have to complete certain tasks in order to unlock new items(and in the future, decorations, vehicles, customers, etc)
- New items: Rocket launchers, lemon and limes, sofas, rims, gokarts, table sets, toilets, bathtubs, and recliners!
- Save files 4 and 5 now work
--- Expect more new features soon!

Hire employees, build shelves, decorate your store, cater to over a dozen types of customers, buy and sell over 100 items, expand your property, and manage your money to create the most successful store empire!

- Parking spots are very important, they increase the amount of customers and therefore money you can get.
- To rotate an object, click 'r'
- Managers need a desk to auto order(you decide how much they order)

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