❤️ Thank you all for 100 million plays, the support on the game is awesome!

⚡ Welcome to Magnet Simulator! Collect dozens of magnets, pets and backpacks! Use your magnets & pets to help you gain coins, enter new zones, gain loads of speed and more!

🔥 Join Magnet League for a speed boost and to CLAIM EXCLUSIVE CODES:
Code: grouppet

✨ 200,000 rebirth option!
⚡ 7 new magnets
🎒 3 new backpacks
✨ New rebirth zone!
🔑 New hat chest (Santa Chest)
🥚 New egg (Santa's Workshop Egg)
🎩 7 new hats
🐶 6 new pets
📝 3 new reward codes

Please message all bugs & concerns to serverModule.

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