*If someone is breaking the rules, do !votekick PLAYERNAME. This will add a kick point to that player, and if he/she gets enough points, he/she will be kicked.*

Roleplay in Animatronica! Most roleplayers like to create parties and have battles!
When you press the -play- button you will be put into a server with no more than 25 players, but you can join servers-in progress up to 30 players!
The name GUI needs to be initialized before it can be used, so if your name doesn't update immediately try again.

I'm working on the actual version of NitP World, while I'm working on that hopefully, this version will suffice.

More features and map expansions coming soon, I'm dry for ideas right now, comment some ideas and I can implement them! Many updates are coming out! Shutdowns = Updates!

This game is FILTERING ENABLED that means it's almost exploit proof, so you are free to roleplay without third party hacking!

Private Servers


This game does not support Private Servers.


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      There are currently no running games.