⭐️💎 BLACK FRIDAY SALE! All coin purchases are 25% OFF. NEW Opulent theme and element potions!

🦎 GELIKLEN and the NEW JUNGLE MAP are here!

🐉⭐ DRAGON SEASON 2 IS HERE! Complete daily and weekly missions for the ALATURA! 

⏫Summer Accelerator 2019 Project⏫

🐉 Hatch eggs and raise your dragons to become powerful beasts in a variety of immersive worlds! 🐉

🐲 Find a variety of dragon species
🏠 Design your base 
🥚 Raise and protect dragons
🔥 Defeat enemies and other users
💨 Fly high with your dragons 
🌼 Grow crops 

Current Developer Team:
Joylessly - Project Management, Environment Building / Modeling
kipp4h - Programming
Domeboybeene - Environment Building / Modeling
DearTwiIight - Dragon Modeling & Animations (from June 2021 onward)

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