🔥 My Hero Blockidemia Beta 🔥

Welcome to Blockidemia! Become a powerful super hero or super villain. Obtain a rare quirk in order to be the strongest!

Current level cap: 2500

Common - Steel, Water, Wings, Telekinesis
Uncommon - Electrification, Gigantification, Regeneration
Rare - HCHH, Hardening, Explosion
Legendary - Muscle Augmentation, Overhaul, OFA

The game is in beta and therefore a lot of the features have not been added yet. Most quirks need to be worked on as of right now.

Update log:
-Remade NPC's
-Added more quirk moves
-Changed up some of the GUI
-Added more coins around the map
-Improved performance 

If you find any bugs/glitches post it in the social links below  :P

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