EPILEPSY WARNING: Driving the rocket car down the underground tunnel produces a strobing effect. Close your eyes ahhh!!!

RUNKER 51 is based on the September 20th Area 51 Raid, built by the Runker Corporation. They can't stop all of us.

Punch: LMB
Kick: F
Sprint/Naruto Run: SHIFT
Crouch: C
Grab/Throw Player at Cursor: G 
Firing Mode: V
Take A Flop: X
Dive: Shift+X
Detonate C4: K

Join the group to be a Guard!

Mobile support coming soon!!!! =3

-training room in underground facility so u can learn how to parkour :  )
-q to open shop
-took shotguns out of the amory they're OP!!!!!
-reduced part count to improve performance on slower computers
-added VIP
  double credit earn rate
  raider airfield spawn
  vip nametag
  medkit in starterpack
-added parkour route in office lobby
-improved rocket car tunnel
-tweaked vehicles
-removed guards being able to stun researchers
-hid an airstrike giver somewhere

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