no im not bringing into madenss, deaht wish, outerhooror otherwirldly terror, galactci realignmetn back 

yes im bringing evilfate, fellhorror, felllunacy, lunacytrust, hb outerhorror in the next update

now let me go play deltarune chapter 2 i freaking haven't played it due to me being busy because of saut update

nah just kidding
gonna go work on halloween update

oh right. information about dusttrust 'GamePass':
it's being replaced with "ElementalTale Sans", made by 스페이스Space. so no refunds. cry about it.
go check his youtube channel if you want to know more about it 
also the update will be released someday in November.
Sans AU Tycoon

Undertale © Toby
Papyrus & Chara & Gaster model by: UserIsNOTFound and nuy303XDggezXD
New Gaster Blaster Mesh by: Pippan
GB Mesh Editing by: ace2481back / FinalExecutor
The Core Map by: Techy_FNF / 0Frost_Sans0

You can check the rest of the credits ingame.

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