your mom threatens to kick you out of the house. you produce too many dorito crumbs and mt. dew puddles from your gamer den. she wants you to get a job, but you've never gone to college.
this is your only hope.
welcome to jo' and bro's pizza.

This game supports every platform (yes, even VR)
Votekick abusive players with votekick/name

some credits:
Dued1 - inspiration
Steven_Scripts - some parts of dialog code
4J3K - Custom housing models
skatecar01 - Pear
JetTheHeck - Bird Bath
RedNoob5050 - Red's Trashpile

(fun fact, the first day i advertised this game someone immediately stole the models. didn't know roblox exploiters could get at that low of a level, or want my crappy modeling, lol)


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