🌍 Click the Flag! is a fun & interactive flag guessing game where you can see how good you are at knowing flags, 1v1 other players, explore the map or just have fun and play the game while learning new flags!

💎 Premium Players earn more XP and get a FREE chat/name tag
🏆 Earn enough XP and reach the TOP of the global leaderboard
⚔️ Compete against other players in a 1v1 and make sure to WIN
🐛 Join my group for a FREE chat tag & maybe MORE in the future
😄 If you enjoy, please consider LIKING & FAVORITING the game
🔔 Follow to be the first to be notified when a new UPDATE drops
🚀 Share the game with your FRIENDS (or invite them to a 1v1)

📜 RECENT CHANGES | v245 or higher

• Moved Feedback Menu to Summary Screen
• Play and Exit buttons are now green and red
• A lot of small improvements & bug fixes



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