☄️ Shards are falling from the sky! Use them to unlock characters!
🐲 Play as: Fox, Cat, Wolf, Rabbit, Dragon, Crocodile, Bear, Bat, Horse, Bird, Rat, Butterfly, Elf, dinosaurs and more!
🕊️ Unlock wings and fly!
🧭 Explore a beautiful open world.
📖 Find books and uncover lore.
🐾 Spawn a follower and roleplay.
🌇 Get cozy and relax.

🙏 No lootboxes / gambling.
🔥 Premium users earn +50% primal shards.
👇 Join the community server. Stay safe!
⏩ Join friends via the "Friends" tab in-game.
📌 Rating may change to 13+ with future content.

📜 Update log:


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