🐲 Start as a newborn. Grow, level up, and unlock intelligent animal forms. (WIP)
🍓 Forage for strawberries and dandelions.
🐾 Hunt for worms and fish.
☄️ Gather mysterious shards and explore a unique futurist world.

💥 Your animals are changed! (read the update log)
🌊 Fixed swimming.
🍓 Removed diet restrictions. All food restores 2x more hunger!
💾 Customization is now kept when changing forms on carnivoran and draken characters.
💎 Shards are redesigned with new animations! All first characters are now just 100 primal shards!
🐟 Catfish now require level 5 hunting and give more XP.
🛁 Added bathtubs and working showers.
🔗 Update log:

❌ No lootboxes or games of chance.
🔥 Premium users earn 3x Primal Shards.
👇 Join the community for update progress, polls, and discussions. Stay safe.


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