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 -- I will make the killer as AI (Artificial Intelligence) soon --

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Updates: (Version 0.3 ALPHA)
 - New Code - Added (gives 5000 coins)
 - Map Shorten
 - Night Time - Less Dark (to see the whole map)
 - Reduce Intermission Time - 40 sec.
 - Player & NPC Name Tag - Added
 - Remove Coin Float (for less lag)

The Horror Forest 2 is a survival horror game where you can play it with your friends. You will experience a strange feeling in the haunted forest. The killers will spawn in pentagram every night. Before the night time, you must be ready, unlock lighting equipments in the shop and find better location to camp. Collecting coins are better but you must be careful on the outside, if you see the killer you must run and hide.

Credits to all the owner of the free models. (names are tags)

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