This game went down a while back, and I never figured out the reason why. Therefore I have rebuilt the entire game from scratch to the best of my ability.


-Settlements now function!
-Fixed a bug that caused villagers to stop working.
-Fixed a bug that made your keybinds stop working.

[R] - Destroy
[X] - Raise Mountain/Stones
[C] - Rain/Thunderstorm

[Soon To Come]
- World Permissions (building with others)
- Ally/Enemy Settlements
- Load/Save for worlds.
- Better Settlement Functionality

[NOTICE] - The reason the game looks old is because I attempted to make it just like it had been before it went down. This includes choppy mechanics and simple/messy UI.

If you happen to have developing skills and want to help, message me with things you've made and I'll get back to you.

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