This is soccer / football... but amped up to the extreme! ⚽⚡
Take the field and use power-ups, special abilities, and more to take down your opponents! 
Unlock new items and upgrade them to their maximum potential to give yourself an edge against the competition!


🎉 NEW DAILY SHOP! Crates have been replaced; now you can directly buy new Equipment and Trinkets from the Shop each day!
(Any crates left in your inventory have been fully refunded.)
💸 HUGE DISCOUNTS on buying Cash/Pro Tickets from the Shop!
🎁 Added new gamepasses:
  - Celebration Packs and Outfit Packs - unlock a bundle of items with one cheap purchase!
  - Unlock All Tackles/Dekes
  - Super Effects - Moved to Gamepasses
(If you already own these items in-game, you do NOT need to buy the gamepasses!)
⭐ First Daily Win bonus streaks!

📜 Full Details:


There are currently no running experiences.