🎃10/6 Update 
🗺️ New map - Telamon's Haunted House
✨ Unicorn Pet, Bug fixes

👪Join the fan group for exclusive chat tags, showcasing your skill!👪

🔥Pick up Tools around the map to help you freeze or unfreeze other players!

🔥 5 Action Packed Game Modes:
⚡Freeze Tag - Tag people to freeze / unfreeze them 
🔪Murder Freeze Tag- Taggers have knives that they tag with, some sheriffs have guns to unfreeze runners
💣Grenades and Guns - Taggers have grenades to freeze runners and runners have revolvers to unfreeze other runners
🧟Infection - If you are tagged by a tagger, you become a tagger
🚨Jailed Up - The taggers have handcuffs to put the runners in jail, and the runners have keys to free other runners from their cells

VIP servers do not award stats


There are currently no running experiences.