I ditched the framework this game uses a while ago and we (Dozenford and Tyaipitu) are working on a new one - but i still have access to the old code and stuff so occasionally I will add more content from this outdated build of leagues 2.

leaning script by 2lry. shadowmap is cool btw
current map is Raven Rock, by Roblox Games

This is Leagues - being remade by Tyaipitu, the founder of the Leagues team.

Leagues 2 Developers: Tyaipitu, Dozenford, Curseei

Leagues 1 Developers: Kyles45678, Qraotic, Dozenford, Tyaipitu, Clumsyprestonchen123, Blazeunicron, Curseei, UnreaI_King, SoroxisKnight, and a community of contributors.

⊰-Update Log-⊱
- Added Hero, fixed massive memory leak, tweaked UI [7/2/2020]
- Added Vertiga and Garath X from 2019, fixed stat displays [6/28/2020]
- Added 2 classes, phoenix and sentinel, updated healthbars etc [6/17/2020]
- Added Direwood, new equipment, new effects, and new damage indicators. [12/23/2019]
- Added Garath [6/20/2019]


There are currently no running experiences.