Welcome to The Elevator 2!
A game data is from The Elevator - Remade originally made by iwishforpie1 and his team!
- - - - -
BETA Released :
> Enjoy the free to play game.
Before i'm planned to make this a paid game to play but now ENJOY!
> Cool Store is still process... Sorry :- (
> Many new floors awaiting!
> Massive Elevator and Lobby to messing around with!
> Seasonal floors coming soon...
> Cheaper price for VIP Server.
> Cool obtainable items in special floors to collect!
And such more for you!
- - - - - 
Thanks to iwishforpie1 for open source the game and help many others reach to their dreams!
"I will be the next creator of the game and help to grow the game back once again."

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