The Lortex Armed Forces' Transmissions Citadel was an abandoned base during the Warden’s reign. Due to the destruction of the Communications Tower, Lortex relocated to the Transmissions Citadel to keep control of communications within the group. 

With improvements to old weapons, clothing, and vehicles, Lortex soldiers are now able to withstand the freezing cold temperatures of the region, traverse the landscape, and keep the Transmissions Citadel under Lortex control.

While being one of Lortex’s strongest outposts, the Transmissions Citadel has one major weakness. The Control Center at the top of the Transmissions Citadel can be broke into to initiate an emergency self destruct sequence that will destroy the entire coast.

Lortex Armed Forces' Goal: Defend the Transmissions Citadel with your life.
Hostiles’ Goal: Defeat Lortex and destroy the Transmissions Citadel.

Scripting: doornoq 
Gun scripting: 0_0aztec
Building: t_oast and eeoa

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