GAME RULES: 3 Strikes and your Out!, Each team is balanced, so no worries about which team is which, or players, if the person is running to a Base, use "kick ball" and throw it at them and they're out, if they are on base, then you cant touch them, there are 3 sets of Base, base 1, base 2, base3, and home, I think you could change teams, I THINK, so come and play, I play this at recess or when I get out, Arguing can be included lol, we argue about teams in REal life, So please visit, I put alot of work into this. if they're Stealing, touch the base they were gonna go to, and stay on the base your next to, and form a line if your a kicker. If the Ball Passes the Line at the sides, it's a FOUL, And if the Pitcher touches the Base before the Kicker, The Kicker is OutAnd if the Kicker Kicks the ball and Goes over him, That's a Foul. and You can touch the Kicker With the ball, Or Throw it at The Kicker, And If your a Pitcher and you kick the Kicker 0n a Base, Your banned or kicked.

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