This game is still being updated by HuntDownTheXboxMan & mAAdmarkus. ⚠ 

If you are lagging, you can turn on low graphics in the in-game settings. ⚠ 

PC controls and aim assist can be changed in the game settings.

No Mass Teaming (4 PLAYER TEAMS MAX.)
No Exploiting 
No Abusing Bugs Intentionally 

Controller Inputs: 
Shoot - RT/R2
ADS/Scope - LT/L2
Reload/Interact - X/□ 
Sprint - Left Analog Stick
Crouch - B/O
Flashlight - Y/△ 
Quick Chat Commands - DPad 

Welcome to Weapon Warfare. A game with several unique maps to combat other players. Use snipers to snipe people across the map, shotguns to thrive in close-quarters, or melees if you want to cut people's heads off! Team up with friends or play solo! Play instruments and hold a concert! Capture sections of the map and dominate others in a faction! Explode into bits and pieces with a grenade! Fly high with a Sawed-Off shotgun! Explode the map with an RPG; anything to live in this chaos!


There are currently no running experiences.