Welcome to the Mystery Shack! This recreation of Stanford Pines's famous house and tourist trap from the Disney XD show Gravity Falls is both mostly accurate to the TV show and attempts to put the rooms together in a layout that makes some logical sense (or at least is physically possible). 

Completed rooms:
Living Room
Rear Entrance
Kitchen (with Mabel Juice in the fridge!)
Stan's Office
Floor/Dance Room
Ford's Room
Stan's Bedroom
Soos's Break Room
Hidden Storage Room
Attic Hall
Dipper and Mabel's Bedroom
Gift Shop (with shirts and gear you can buy!)
Gift Shop Basement
Ford's Study
Underground Lab and Universe Portal

Click on doorknobs to open the doors and click on light switches and lamps to turn them on and off.

Thanks to GamesAndMovies for making the electron carpet script, secret elevator, and character system!

Remember: we put the 'fun' in 'no refunds'!


There are currently no running experiences.