Welcome to Sundown Island, a place where wolves can thrive! Being concealed by mist, this island is yet to be discovered by humans. But beware, other dangers lurk on this island... It is up to you to decide your fate.
- Create your wolf with a variety of different customization options, such as ear shape or accessories!
- Join packs and meet new friends!
- Explore the map!
- Roleplay as a wolf in a unique environment!
- Join the group to unlock horns accessories!
This game is currently in an ALPHA state, things are subject to change!
Planned features:
- Pups
- Larger map
- More gamepasses
- More accessories
- And much more!
iiau: scripting, UI design🐈
Fennecpaw : some graphics, animation, character models, terrain, map design 🦊
KC_Paww: help with animations and map🦝
wolfs442: in-game artwork of wolves/thumbnails/icon🐺

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