This is a story game about roblox… But don't get scared off by me saying story game. This isn't your average roblox story game. And this is also no Simulator. To asure you this isn't some bad trend game. I would dare to say that this game is a very unique game. This is a story about roblox development. And you even have the choice where the story will lead. And to finish off this description I will now also say story game a few more times. Because this game should show up when you search for a story game. Story game. Story game. Story game. Story game. Huh... Are you still reading the description? Well... I don't have a whole lot more to say... How about you just start the game and try it... or maybe you have finished the game and you are now reading this description just for fun. If you haven't started the game yet... you should. I wonder how long a Roblox description can be... How did you even find the game? Did you search for a story game? How about you just start the game now?

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