Welcome to the Fnaf Overnight ROLE PLAY (I want to make that clear). A fun game with lots of characters to choose from and unlock. Become some of your favorite characters, if that character is not in the game, let me know and I may soon add it. I have worked very hard on making this game the best it can be.

Group Page in my profile (wont let me put the link)

Planned Update:
Destructive Chica
Destructive Foxy
Overnight Ultimate - Game Passes will NOT be deleted

Newest Updates:
Void ITP
The Games
Frost Lands
Into the Pit Spring Bonnie
Depressed Fred bear
Destructive Fred bear
Golden Funtime Freddy
Funtime Freddy
Shadow Derp Freddy
Derp Freddy
Fire Endo Boss Fight
Fred Bear
Spring Bonnie
The Return of Siren Head
Void Event Over
Void Event
Monster Bonnie
Fire Fazbear
Ghost Foxy
Ghost Chica
Dark Phantom Update
Ghost Bonnie
Lol bit Update
Ghost Freddy
Game mode
Overnight ll

Scott: Creator of Fnaf
Alvin_Blox: making guide on yt

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