Welcome to Crab Simulator. Become the best Crab in the Server, collect Sea Shells for Pearls or even defend/fight others to become the best Crab in the Kingdom! Different top hats will give different shell rates when you collect a shell.  Crab Skins give you more strength, health to fight, speed and Shell Storage which allows you to hold more shells! Be the first to become the King Crab!

⚠️ This game is only a BETA version. Expect bugs ⚠️

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- Collecting Short Cut and UIs
- Cheaper Prices for Beginners
- Lego Land
- Lego Land Skins
- Lego Land Hats
- Lego Land Boss

⌛Coming Soon⌛
🏝️ - More Islands
🎩 - More Hats
🦀 - More Skins
🏆 - Quests
🚨 - More Minigames!

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