You were on your dream cruise during the 1900s, contemplating the infinite oceans and preparing to party in the ship's main room. However, that party was not what everyone expected; without anyone's knowledge, the ship's captain had steered the ship in the wrong direction. The party began, and a beautiful lady singer took the stage and sang one of the most incredible melodies anyone had ever heard. But then, something unexpected happened; the ship was approaching what seemed to be an undiscovered island, and out of nowhere, some villains with superpowers attacked the ship, causing it to sink. I managed to escape, but I am now on this strange island with no way to escape. I must find out what happened, why I am here, and find ways to survive.

🔔 Update Details: (More Inside Update Log)
1. TRex, Carnivorous Plant, and Flamingo added.
2. Bamboo structures added.
3. Tool inventory reworked.
4. Bug fixes and improvements.

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