Feed the Queen!, Raise an army of godly pet ants, collect food, items, defeat enemies and complete Quest!

💘 Valentines Update: 💘

Cupid returns to assist the Queen Ant with 9 thrilling new quests and upgraded rewards. Venture forth on quests to gather Valentine Cakes, an assortment of chocolates, tantalizing candies, 🌹Roses🌹 and even a few vials of Love Potion!  Conquer all 9 quests to claim this year's prestigious badge, along with the esteemed Godly Cupid Ant and the coveted Love Potion No. 9!

💖Jumpstart your adventure with a generous boost by utilizing the code: VALENTINES2024! 💖

New Additions:
Delight in the arrival of the Royal Jello Machine, stationed at the BBQ pit, with additional Dispensers set to be operational in the coming days.

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Contributions:  Simlicity10189(Quest/Map/Assets/Events), ZackLaFlame(Icon), aahGracie(Knife), LoganCreates(Antreat)


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