Feed the Queen!, Raise an army of godly pet ants, collect food, items, defeat enemies and complete Quest!

🐰Welcome to the Ant Colony Simulator: Easter Egg-tastic Adventure Update!🐰 

Join the bustling world of ants as they embark on a journey filled with egg-citement and fun.  🌷You'll explore the vibrant field of Tulips in search of Spring Beanz, Peepz, hungry Chocolate Bunnies, and more!🥕

And what's Easter without an Egg Hunt?  Grab your basket and dive into the adventure as you hunt for special eggs hidden throughout the Tulip field.  Each egg holds a unique surprise, so keep your eyes peeled and your basket ready!

Use code "EASTER2024" for a special of rewards, helping you on your journey to obtain the ultimate Easter ant.

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Contributions:  Simlicity10189(Quest/Map/Assets/Events), aahGracie(Assets), ZackLaFlame(Icons/Thumbnails)


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