Raise an army of godly ants, defeat enemies, and collect items!

🐜 Updated 🐜 
✔️  {NEW}  Removed Winter Event
✔️  {NEW}  New NPC Abella with 10 new quest to help you get your colony growing!  she will have more quest coming..
✔️  {NEW}  Treat O` Matic (Treat Shop) buy treats with stored food to help with growing your ants or for quest.
✔️  {NEW}  Added Music on/off setting, Fixes to Daily Leaderboards, Backend code, drop rates on Treats of all kinds fixed, non collide on mobs, and alot more...
✔️  {NEWish}  Dandelion Seed Glider added to the Bloxy Cola Shop

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Contributions:  ZackLaFlame(Icon), Simlicity10189(Quest/Map/Assets),  aahGracie(Knife), LoganCreates(Antreat)


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