Devil Fruits spawn every 45-60 minutes and despawn 30 minutes after spawning.
Haki Books can be found in chests.

Current Level Cap: 800

Current Devil Fruits in the game:
Gomu, Bomb, Chop, Goro, Magma, Ice, Mera, Spin, Suke, String, Ope, Pika, Phoenix, Gura, Yami and YamiGura

-added Yami
-added Gura
-added YamiGura(talk to Blackbeard for info on how to obtain)
-new island
-Whitebeard boss(drops Whitebeard's Key which opens the chest behind Whitebeard)
-added Bisento(in the chest behind Whitebeard )
-new method to awaken Devil Fruits(talk to Alvondo for more info)
-level cap increased to 800
-2x XP event

joopi132 - Builder
Alvadus - UI


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