- Shift (Hold): Sprint
  - M1: Basic Attack
  - M2: Heavy Attack
  - Space (Hold) + M1 (On Ground): Uptilt
  - Space (Hold) + M1 (In Air): Air Launcher
  - M2 (In Air): Aerial Slam
  - Q: Dash
  - F: Block
  - F (Timed, on specific moves): Perfect Block
  - C: Move Meter Charge
  - R: (when bottom white gauge is full): Evasive

  - Not all skills are perfect blockable.
  - Moves cost Move Meter (Blue meter at the top), which you can get back from charging with the C key or landing M1 attacks.

Armor Levels:
  - Super Armor absorbs 50% damage rather than all 100% on non armor-breaking moves.
  - Some skills can BREAK Armor, this means they can cancel an attack with Armor.


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