"I will literally binge this game for hours" - Alex (daisyismyorangetabbi) 
"Was that a TANK!? WHY DOES A FARMING GAME HAVE A TANK!?" - many people
"Great in bite-sized sessions, as well as all-nighters." - shreck07 
“The soothing, relaxing music is what sold me.” - basically everyone 

😄 Chat with EVERYONE using GLOBAL CHAT! 🌎🌍🌏 
👪 Make friends and farm together! 
🔨 🐄 Raise cute animals like dogs, chickens, and cows! 
✨ ⛏️ Go mining! 
🏆💎 🍞 Cook food! 
💸 Make tons of money! 💸💸💸 

Keywords: farming, farm, open world, roleplay, animals, crops, corn subsidies, potato, business, tycoon, woof, building, decorating, interior design, farting, cute animals, raise animals, throw a party, mining, furniture, friends, no affiliation with stardew valley, big game, complex, rpg


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