Try out the Beginnings 2 Beta:

Survive and thrive in this open-world adventure! Gather resources, excavate caves, craft tools, and fashion weapons. Form powerful tribes, construct magnificent castles, and explore vast lands—perhaps even conquer them!

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► Rules:
 ▪ Allowed: Killing, Burning, Raiding, Stealing, Destroying
 ▪ NOT Allowed: Exploiting, Drag-burning, Seating, Swearing, Harming others with glitches

► Banned? If you've never broken ANY game rules, message FlaminBlade to appeal.

► Admins and mods can be found in the Beginnings Community group.
 ▪ After typing ":logs" take screenshot(s) and/or video(s) of mod abuse and message FlaminBlade WITH your evidence.

Scripted by Shagabash.
Built by FlaminBlade.
Inspired by Davidii.

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